Women in Games: Almost More Approachable

Hello everyone! Welcome to a very special episode of Player’s Guide in which Jackson, Daniel, and their special guest Alberta, actually try and tackle an issue that is both topical and somewhat serious!

Recently, one of the creators of Final Fantasy 15 made some remarks regarding the choice to write the game with an entirely male cast. The remarks received a… mixed reception. Using the speech in question as a jumping off point, your hosts and their guest dive into some of the ins-and-outs of gender representation in games and media as a whole.

The recommendations this week are:

This week you should watch the Netflix exclusive series Daredevil (not the terrible Ben Affleck movie – unless you’re into that kind of thing) 

This week you should play Tomb Raider (the most recent iteration thereof) 

This week (as they are all very bad at books) instead of reading, you should listen to the album Empire by Derek Minor

You should also check out Alberta on her fantastic radio show, The F Word. Which, to quote their tagline is: Flagrant. Fabulous. Feminisms. 




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