Homestuck: A New Way to Measure Time

This week – in honour of its impending finale – Jackson and Daniel tackle one of the most divisive internet phenomena to emerge over the past few years. This week’s podcast is about Homestuck.

If you’re not familiar, Homestuck is a multi-media webcomic that combines video, comic, game, and music to form something…else. It has gained immense popularity over its 6+ year run and with that has come a fair amount of criticism. This week, Daniel and Jackson take a look at what makes it special and why the two of them found themselves sucked into the immersive world of the comic.

Of course, they also have some recommendations for you as well:

This week you should watch Scream and its sequels

This week you should read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

This week you should play Age of Wonders 2

If you’re curious to see what all the fuss is about: (I suggest starting on the page labelled “map”)

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