Mature Cartoons: Fisting Aside

Hi Everyone!

This week, Jackson and Daniel are joined again by Michael, who is not building a computer this time. This time the topic is adult cartoons… No, not the kind you’re thinking, the kind like Rick and Morty, Clone High, and Bojack Horseman.

Animation in the West – even after years of developing – still has the stigma of being children’s entertainment attached to it. What this means is that when creators rebel against this stigma, they can create some of the most potently subversive media.

Our hosts and their guest dig into some of the most successful animated shows aimed at adults and discuss what makes them work.

Of course, they also recommend some stuff:

This week you should play Zombie Dice

This week you should watch Madoka Magica 

This week you should read Chew by John Layman

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