Magic: the Gathering 4: “I Can’t Escape This”

Hello everyone!

Sorry about the late post. There were some small technical glitches, but they seem to be resolved now; just in time to listen to Jackson and Daniel talk about Magic!

They are joined by their good friend Jesse for a discussion about the Commander format. Commander (or Elder Dragon Highlander/EDH, as old-timers like Jackson know it) is a very unique format for playing Magic, and it is one that has been the focus of your hosts and their guest for a while now.

There is a lot to say about it, so if you’re into that kind of thing, listen up.

Also, there are some sweet recommendations:

This week you should read The Peripheral by William Gibson

This week you should play Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters 

This week you should watch Frasier (yeah, you read that right) 


Jesse does some writing, which you should check out:

His column is called The Mana Dork and is a great read if you’re into Magic.

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