Steven Universe: A Well-Educated Mailbox

Here at Player’s Guide, the media properties we discuss tend to share one overriding characteristic: they tell a story. Recently, both Jackson and Daniel have become enamoured with one of the best told stories currently on television. No, not Game of Thrones – Steven Universe.

For those unfamiliar, Steven Universe is a beautiful series produced by Cartoon Network and created by Adventure Time alum Rebecca Sugar. In episodes that last only eleven minutes, it manages combine masterfully executed character arcs, detailed and consistent world building, and stellar music.

If you are looking for a reprieve from the grim darkness of modern television, you could do a lot worse than Steven Universe.

This week’s recommendations are:

This week you should play The Darkest Dungeon

This week you should watch Gravity Falls

This week you should also watch Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defenders

This week you should listen to Homestuck: Volume 10 (available for listening here)

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