Magic: the Gathering 5: Rock Bottom

Hello friends!

This week we are presenting a podcast of a slightly different stripe – a more personal stripe. Both Jackson and Daniel have recently divested themselves of Magic: the Gathering. For those that have been following this podcast for a while, this might come as a surprise. Your hosts have devoted multiple episodes to the game, but recent developments, both personally and with the game, have made them decide it’s time to lay down their cards.

What has prompted this change? Well, listen and find out. Of course, this episode is about more than just Magic, it’s about the relationship between consumer and media, and knowing when something has stopped adding to your life and started to take away.

Yeah, it’s a little heavy, but we spent last week talking about Steven Universe, we felt it was time for a some gravitas.

Also, we have recommendations:

This week you should read Fandom Following (which you can find here)

This week you should watch Space Patrol Luluco

This week you should listen to Hadestown by Anais Mitchell

If you’re interested in a more articulate account of Jackson’s experience with Magic and leaving it behind, you can find it here on his blog.

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