Godcast 2: Guiding the Dreams

Welcome back everyone!

Today we are following up on our last episode with something a little experimental. When Jackson and Daniel decided to do an entire episode of bullshit in order to discuss Iron Fist they did not know what to expect. It turns out, they had a lot of fun improvising a universe in which Daniel could actually praise a Marvel property.

This week, they turn again to improvising a universe. However, instead of tongue-in-cheek sass, they are trying their best to go for sincere lore-weaving. After discussing gods last time, this week they create their own. Starting with the birth of a universe, listen to your hosts lay down the creation myth and conceptualize the eight gods at the heart of a cosmos.

Please let us know what you think of this episode. We are really enjoying experimenting with our format and would love to keep mixing things up. Obviously, we will be revisiting our infant universe as we leave things on a bit of a cliff-hanger this time. But the next few episodes will likely be a return to the format that you have spent three years getting accustomed to.

Until then, some recommendations:

This week you should listen to the Myths and Legends Podcast

This week you should watch The Lost Skeleton of Kedavra 

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