Our release schedule is bi-weekly. So check back every couple of weeks for new content.

The Podcast:  

Player’s Guide is a podcast devoted to analyzing and exploring themes and concepts that appear in media. Media, in this case, refers to television, cinema, literature, and video games.

The show’s topics can range from reviews of specific titles to an examination of common tropes in certain genres. The topics are largely dependent on the whims of the hosts and we like to keep things varied.

In the end, we’re out to have a lot fun and share our love of stories with the world. So, if you love a good villain, cheer for a great hero, or get lost in mythical worlds, we hope that you’ll join us every two weeks and let us give you more opportunities to pursue your passion for fiction.

The Hosts: 

Jackson Miller – 

The maintainer of the podcast’s online presence. Jackson doesn’t really play video games,  but still insists he belongs here. He enjoys terrible puns, the horror genre, and insisting on having incorrect opinions to the chagrin of those around him.

You can check out his personal website and blog here


Daniel Hewak – 

The primary sound editor and streamer of Player’s Guide. Daniel is an expert contrarian and haver of opinions. He has a passion for RPGs, Canadian content, and being the podcast’s resident weeb.


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