Canadiana: Merlobsters

Hello everyone,

We are back with another episode. This week we take a look at some of the media that has been churned out of Canada’s entertainment industry over the years. We try our best to cover everything from TV to movies to music, but still only end up scratching the surface.

Returning guest Shelby joins us on our journey as we discuss our country’s obsession with the survival narrative, reminisce over vintage YTV, and expound on the virtues of Canadian hip-hop.

While Canada is definitely in focus this episode, you should also check out these recommends:

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Fictional Languages: Cool Math

Welcome back loyal listeners!

This week we welcome another new guest to the podcast. This time we are joined by Alyssa, an old friend of Jackson’s who also happens to be an expert on language. From Tolkien’s love of trees and old norse, to Heptapod B from Arrival – we have a wonderful time learning about why fictional languages work and why they might not.

We make use of an important external resource in this episode, so here is us showing our work. Feel free to follow along while you listen, too:

The phonetic alphabet sheet

We also have recommendations, as always, this week:

This week you should play Monster Hunter World

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Villains 2: “I Made Alotta’ Lists!”

Hello everyone!

We’re back with a brand new rap. This week we are doing a caaaall-back sequel. This one is a shout-out to our third episode – which, if you don’t remember, was devoted to discussing villains.

In the first episode, we discussed mostly singular villains; iconic figures like The Joker and Sephiroth. This week we are focusing on villainous organizations using the lens of the Pokemon franchise. The villains in the Pokemon games have always been presented as “Teams” and in the most recent games (Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon), those teams team-up.

Thanks to this helpful in-game compare/contrast, we are able to see very clearly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to make effective evil organizations. Things are so clear that Daniel made lists.

We also get around to some recommendations:

This week you should watch Made in Abyss

This week you should read All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

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Overwatch: Butt Central

Despite my laptop’s best efforts to die, we are back!

This week marks two big events for the podcast: Firstly, we have a brand new guest! Our friend Sharon makes her debut appearance. Secondly, for the first time since our second-ever episode, we have two guests on the show simultaneously. Old stalwart Donovan returns, hot on the heels of his Christmas-movie-centric appearance.

All of this hullabaloo is focused on video game phenomena Overwatch. Blizzard’s current marquee title has taken the world of first-person shooters by storm, transcending the usual boundaries of the genre in a boundary-breaking way that hasn’t been seen in a long time.

With the debut of Overwatch League right around the corner, it seemed like the appropriate time to tackle the topic. From what each of us enjoys about the game, to why its popularity has remained so high years after its release, this is the episode for anyone who has encountered the brightly-coloured cast on Imgur and wants to know what the deal is.

Also, recommendations:

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This week you should also watch Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix

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Christmas Movies: Jingle Cells

Happy Holidays one and all!

This week your hosts (Jackson and Daniel) are joined by Donovan to discuss Christmas Movies. Starting with their favourites and going into what makes a movie a “Christmas movie”, your hosts tackle everything from Jingle All the Way to Die Hard to Deck the Balls: A Dragon Ball-Z Christmas.

While we know that this is a little late, we hope that it keeps you in the spirit of the holiday into your boxing day hangover.

Here are some recommendations to tide you over into the New Year:

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Plot Twists: The Church Business

Hello everyone!

We’re back with another episode. This week, Jackson and Daniel are tackling the topic of Plot Twists – one of the broadest and most popular story tools used in media today.

Your hosts take apart foreshadowing, narrative status quo, and their favourite episodes of misdirection from their own stories. There are tons of spoilers in this episode, alongside controversial opinions on Star Wars and more talk about the Sixth Sense than either host expected when they started this podcast.

As always, there are also recommendations:

This week you should listen to The Black Tapes podcast 

This week you should watch Ancient Magus Bride

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Fan Fiction: Filthy Casuals

We’re back!

This week Player’s Guide focuses on the world of fandom. Daniel, Jackson, and returning guest Maureen delve into the creation of fan fiction and the communities that facilitate it. All three of this week’s hosts have taken steps into the deeper waters of fan communities and want to share their experiences.

From what draws people so deeply into fictional worlds, to why the internet has helped fandom blossom – join us on a journey into a world of crack pairings and personal confessions.

As for recommendations:

This week you should read Lilies With Full Hands, There’s Thunder in Our Hearts, and Geriatric Road Trip (NSFW) [editor’s note: I could not find a link to “There’s Thunder in Our Hearts”] 

This week you should play The Letter

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As always, our intro ditty is courtesy of:


Time Travel: The Groundhog Day Conceit

Welcome everyone to the very first episode of the Player’s Guide Podcast!

Today, your hosts Daniel and Jackson discuss Time Travel and its use in video games, television, and movies. From save scumming to the terrible ending of Interstellar, time is a fast and loose concept in most speculative fiction and we decided to take a look at how it can be used well and how it can be fumbled.

The episode also contains Daniel’s rant about Pym Particles and an in-a-minute synopsis of Lovecraft’s “Shadow Out of Time”.

This will likely be the format of the podcast going forward: your two hosts picking apart the things you love and telling you why they are great/bad. Also, tangents – many, many tangents.

Also, we will include a recommendation section in which you can find what Daniel and Jackson are enjoying themselves:

This week you should listen to the podcast Fictional

This week you should play Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus



Urban Legends: Respectful of All Hallows

Happy Halloween!

This year, for this most spooky of occasions, Daniel and Jackson are talking about Urban Legends. A discussion which branches off into the related fields of cryptids and conspiracy theories.

They also knock off some recommendations for you:

This week you should watch Mindhunter

This week you should play Doki Doki Literature Club

4 Year Anniversary Special: Setting the Bar Low

Welcome back everyone!

This week Jackson and Daniel are welcoming back guests from podcasts past. To celebrate the 4th year of Player’s Guide, your hosts reached out to their past guests and asked them to come and discuss some stories that have mattered to them.

Luckily, some of those past guests were actually interested in participating! Brad, Maureen, Jesse, and Donovan all sit down and talk about some of the stories that helped make them who they are.

It turns out that a large-scale collaboration like this takes up a lot of time and for the first time in recent memory, there are no recommendations. However, you can stay tuned after the standard end to hear the full, un-cut Donovan interview.

As for the music used, it’s all sourced from:

And, as promised in the episode, here is a link to the Commando theme from Commodore 64:

Thanks for tuning in for 4 years, guys. Here’s hoping we last another 4.