Theme Music: Anime Shame Corner

Hey everyone!

We are back again. This time Jackson and Daniel are rolling sans-guest. Your two perennial hosts are discussing music in media for the third time. In this episode they focus on the idea of the theme song – whether that song is used as an opening theme, a closing theme, or a character’s leitmotif.

In addition to exploring music as an extension of character, presenting uniformed opinions about Japanese animation, and reciting tone-deaf acapella show tunes – your hosts also present some excellent recommendations:

This week you should watch Westworld

This week you should revisit Square Soft’s amazing musical back catalogue 

This week you should listen to Metroid Metal’s Varia Suite

As for our own theme, it comes to us from:


Anime: Mainlining Naruto

This week Jackson and Daniel talk about anime (and a little bit of manga)! Both of them have been watching anime on and off for years and have a lot to say about their favourites and what makes them interesting and good. They also discuss some bad habits of adaptations and how frustrating long filler arcs can be.

If you’re ever been interested in watching anime but don’t know where to start, maybe start here.

Since this podcast is just one giant recommendation of stuff you should watch, the recommendations this week are:

You should read some of the fantastic short fiction from little-known writers that can be found on websites like

You should play Shovel Knight (or Butt Butt, as it is sometimes known) which you can find on Steam 

You should listen to the album Flying Colours by Ontario rapper Shad