Player’s Guide Presents: The Slow Pitch Podcast

Welcome to Slow Pitch, the better movie podcast,

On today’s episode, the dream-team of Shelby, Jackson, Daniel, and Zach breakdown some unsuccessful shows from the 90s and rebuild them as the beautiful, edgy, and deep pieces of art they always deserved to be.

We hope you enjoy!

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Iron Fist: Whatever Wolverine Is

Hey fans of Player’s Guide,

In honour of Marvel releasing the first full Justice League trailer, Jackson and Daniel are discussing Iron Fist, the final entry into the Defenders line-up – which you can check out on Netflix. Having both totally watched the series, your hosts have a multitude of opinions and musings on this – Marvel’s most epic superhero tour de force.

Brace yourselves, spoilers and unabashed fandom glee ahead.

This week:

You should read Mostly Void, Partially Stars and The Great, Glowing Coils of the Universe by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor 

You should play Night in the Woods

Swords: A Bouquet of Emotions

Hello everyone! To celebrate the real start of spring, we are bringing you what you have all been clamouring for – the 4th part in our 4000 part series about the tropes of the fantasy genre. We have covered goblins, dungeons, and dragons – now we take a stab at swords.

We have recruited sharp object expert Donovan MacLure to help hone our discussion. With his help, we have forged a sharp and incisive podcast that delivers the edgy discourse you have become accustomed to. Set aside a slice of time and enjoy.

But what would a Player’s Guide Podcast be without come recommendations?:

This week you should read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

This week you should watch What We Do in the Shadows 

This week you should play X-Com: Enemy Within