BoJack Horseman: Jessica Biel, Secret Monster

Player’s Guide is back!

This week Jackson and Daniel are talking about animal puns and crippling depression; that’s right, it is once again time to discuss the best show on TV: Bojack Horseman.

With season 4 being released on Netflix and breaking new ground for the show’s characters, your hosts figured it would be an excellent time to discuss their favourite talking horse.

In addition to our usual warning vis-a-vis spoilers, be aware that this episode gets a little heavy regarding the topic of mental illness.

As for our recommendations:

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This week you should watch Cool Hand Luke… and Wages of Fear… and The Birdcage… We went on a bit of a movie tear 


BoJack Horseman 1: Hackles

Bojack Horseman, Netflix’s latest original series, sucked both Daniel and Jackson in and by the end, they wanted to do a podcast about it. A lot of people have been on the fence about checking out the series and hopefully this podcast will help you decide whether or not it’s for you.

This week:

You should watch From Dusk Till Dawn (Another Netflix series) 

You should read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes 

You should play one of your old Pokemon games, but do it using the Nuzlocke rules, which can be found here.