Canadiana: Merlobsters

Hello everyone,

We are back with another episode. This week we take a look at some of the media that has been churned out of Canada’s entertainment industry over the years. We try our best to cover everything from TV to movies to music, but still only end up scratching the surface.

Returning guest Shelby joins us on our journey as we discuss our country’s obsession with the survival narrative, reminisce over vintage YTV, and expound on the virtues of Canadian hip-hop.

While Canada is definitely in focus this episode, you should also check out these recommends:

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Film Noir: A Guest of Convenience

It walked into my browser, its eyes dark and legs that went on forever. It sauntered over to my audio streaming software and asked: “Can I talk to you about film noir?”

This week Jackson, Daniel, and special guest Shelby are all about hardboiled detectives, dames, gams, and guns. With Shelby’s expert assistance, your hosts take a look at what makes film noir tick and how it has gone on to influence a whole host of genres in the modern age – from Chinatown to True Detective.

For recommendations we’ve got:

This week you should watch American Gods

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The 90s: The Banality of Human Evil

After a week of struggle, we have finally managed to get everything up and running! Now you finally get to hear Jackson and Daniel wax nostalgic about the decade in which they grew up: the nineties.

Given that millennials are the ones currently dictating the trends of pop culture, the nineties are a decade getting a lot of flashback love at the moment. Considering the pop culture of the time was formative for our two hosts, it would make sense that they would take the chance to delve into what nineties trends shaped their tastes and what passed them by.

As always, there are recommendations as well:

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This week you should watch Jaws (yes, the original) 

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Goblins: Give Them a Choice

This week Jackson and Daniel talk about goblins! One of the staple races in pop-culture fantasy, goblins have experienced a long evolution from their roots in folklore to their varied modern uses. Using goblins as a starting point, your hosts talk about the problematic ideas behind the concept of an “evil race” and how painting your world in broad strokes can lead to a boring story.

And of course, they wrap things up by telling you:

This week you should watch Better Call Saul 

This week you should play Castle Shikigami 2 

This week you should read Dragons by Graeme Base (or all of his books, really) 

The Watchmen: You Need to Watch My Radio Show

This week on the podcast, we dip into literary territory and tackle the classic graphic novel The Watchmen. It is considered one of the most important pieces of literature in the genre of the graphic novel, and can certainly be credited with providing much of the media’s current legitimacy.

We also discuss its film adaptation. An adaptation that, to this day, garners polarized debate among the fans of the franchise.

We have a lot to say about just one book and one movie, so much in fact, that Daniel split into two people to help us tackle the topic. He named his mitotic offspring Paul… He claims that he’s always had a brother and that I am crazy… I’m not sure I can trust him anymore.