Christmas Movies: Jingle Cells

Happy Holidays one and all!

This week your hosts (Jackson and Daniel) are joined by Donovan to discuss Christmas Movies. Starting with their favourites and going into what makes a movie a “Christmas movie”, your hosts tackle everything from Jingle All the Way to Die Hard to Deck the Balls: A Dragon Ball-Z Christmas.

While we know that this is a little late, we hope that it keeps you in the spirit of the holiday into your boxing day hangover.

Here are some recommendations to tide you over into the New Year:

This week you should listen to the American history podcast The Dollop 

This week you should play Rumu 

This week you should watch Jingle All the Way 

Final Fantasy VII: Purist Intentions

Hello again everyone!

In the giving spirit of the season, Jackson has gifted this week’s podcast to Daniel. Since Final Fantasy 7’s upcoming re-release for the PS4 is going to make it relevant again, it seemed like the perfect chance to discuss Dan’s favourite game of all time.

We have also decided to gift you, our lovely audience, with some top-notch recommendations:

This week you should play Suspense

This week you should watch One Punch Man

This week you should read The Stonecutter by Camila Lackberg

Pokemon 2: Lost in the Wilderness

As a Christmas present to themselves, Jackson and Daniel decided that they could finally let themselves ramble for a full podcast about Pokemon. Sure, the recent release of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby makes a good pre-tense for the discussion, but let’s be honest, it was just a convenient excuse.

To keep you amused over the frigid holidays, they recommend:

You should play Child of Light

You should listen to Harmony of Heroes

You should read Lost at Sea by Brian Lee O’Malley

Have a great new year everyone!