Anime: Mainlining Naruto

This week Jackson and Daniel talk about anime (and a little bit of manga)! Both of them have been watching anime on and off for years and have a lot to say about their favourites and what makes them interesting and good. They also discuss some bad habits of adaptations and how frustrating long filler arcs can be.

If you’re ever been interested in watching anime but don’t know where to start, maybe start here.

Since this podcast is just one giant recommendation of stuff you should watch, the recommendations this week are:

You should read some of the fantastic short fiction from little-known writers that can be found on websites like

You should play Shovel Knight (or Butt Butt, as it is sometimes known) which you can find on Steam 

You should listen to the album Flying Colours by Ontario rapper Shad 

The Watchmen: You Need to Watch My Radio Show

This week on the podcast, we dip into literary territory and tackle the classic graphic novel The Watchmen. It is considered one of the most important pieces of literature in the genre of the graphic novel, and can certainly be credited with providing much of the media’s current legitimacy.

We also discuss its film adaptation. An adaptation that, to this day, garners polarized debate among the fans of the franchise.

We have a lot to say about just one book and one movie, so much in fact, that Daniel split into two people to help us tackle the topic. He named his mitotic offspring Paul… He claims that he’s always had a brother and that I am crazy… I’m not sure I can trust him anymore.