4 Year Anniversary Special: Setting the Bar Low

Welcome back everyone!

This week Jackson and Daniel are welcoming back guests from podcasts past. To celebrate the 4th year of Player’s Guide, your hosts reached out to their past guests and asked them to come and discuss some stories that have mattered to them.

Luckily, some of those past guests were actually interested in participating! Brad, Maureen, Jesse, and Donovan all sit down and talk about some of the stories that helped make them who they are.

It turns out that a large-scale collaboration like this takes up a lot of time and for the first time in recent memory, there are no recommendations. However, you can stay tuned after the standard end to hear the full, un-cut Donovan interview.

As for the music used, it’s all sourced from: http://www.purple-planet.com

And, as promised in the episode, here is a link to the Commando theme from Commodore 64: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrQuR1LHAVI

Thanks for tuning in for 4 years, guys. Here’s hoping we last another 4.