Player’s Guide Triple Threat

Sorry about the radio silence for a while guys. Technical issues have plagued both our end and Digital Fiasco, which led to the audio tracks of our last three episodes being locked away out of reach.

Anyways, we have them now! Enjoy our episode about giant robots in video games and movies, Jackson and Daniel’s personal gaming histories, and a wide-spanning episode about the Final Fantasy franchise.

Giant Robots:

Gaming Nostalgia:

Final Fantasy:


Final Fantasy X: More Belts Than Ever Before

Hey everyone,

Jackson and Daniel are back with another nostalgia-focused video game review. On this episode they took a look back at Final Fantasy 10. As one of the most influential games in a legendary franchise, there is a lot to discuss with a game that is now almost 17 years old.

Whether you are curious about a game you haven’t played, or excited to take a walk back to the sun-soaked summer of 2001, this is the episode for you.

As always, your hosts provide some distractions to get you through the next two weeks before the next episode:

This week you should listen to the podcast Guys We Fucked 

This week you should play the new God of War 


Final Fantasy VII: Purist Intentions

Hello again everyone!

In the giving spirit of the season, Jackson has gifted this week’s podcast to Daniel. Since Final Fantasy 7’s upcoming re-release for the PS4 is going to make it relevant again, it seemed like the perfect chance to discuss Dan’s favourite game of all time.

We have also decided to gift you, our lovely audience, with some top-notch recommendations:

This week you should play Suspense

This week you should watch One Punch Man

This week you should read The Stonecutter by Camila Lackberg

Final Fantasy Tactics: Girthy

So after poking at tactical RPGs last time, Jackson and Daniel decided that they did one of their favourite games an injustice by skirting over it so blithely. This week, they take their time to really romance Final Fantasy Tactics.

An oft-overlooked chapter in a seminal franchise, Tactics is a game of startling depth. It had an impact on both of our hosts during their formative gaming years and so it was deemed worthy of a full episode.

Alongside these wonderful recommendations:

This week you should watch Penny Dreadful 

This week you should play Rez for the PS2

This week you should listen to To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar


Final Fantasy: My Three Posters of Cloud

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posting this podcast, but it has finally arrived, so you can all stop panicking. Be prepared for a bit of a shock – in this episode, we actually talk about video games! Le gasp! I know, I bet you didn’t see that one coming. We have another unexpected twist this week as well – we are running without a guest! Harkening back to our very first show, Daniel and Jackson do their best to entertain you without any assistance. Let us know how it turns out!