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It walked into my browser, its eyes dark and legs that went on forever. It sauntered over to my audio streaming software and asked: “Can I talk to you about film noir?”

This week Jackson, Daniel, and special guest Shelby are all about hardboiled detectives, dames, gams, and guns. With Shelby’s expert assistance, your hosts take a look at what makes film noir tick and how it has gone on to influence a whole host of genres in the modern age – from Chinatown to True Detective.

For recommendations we’ve got:

This week you should watch American Gods

This week you should listen to Edict FIS-0

This week you should play Magikarp Jump 


We’re back again!

This week Jackson and Daniel throw a curve ball and take their thematic inspiration from sports. With the recent World Series victory by the Chicago Cubs, it seemed like the right moment to talk about underdog stories.

Alongside the hero’s journey and the redemption arc, the underdog tale is one of the most common storytelling tropes to encounter in speculative fiction. It also creates an interesting divergence of storyline and game mechanics when it is presented in video games.

Your hosts do their best to slice off the juiciest cuts of discussion from this meaty topic. We hope you enjoy!

Also, recommendations:

This week you should watch The Get Down 

This week you should listen to the Myths and Legends Podcast (which can be found here:

Writer’s Guide

And we’re back again.

This week you’ll notice some changes with the podcast. We’ve changed up our intro, as well as the recommendation section. All part of the sleeker new Player’s Guide.

The topic on the table this week is writing in video games. Of all of the elements that typically make up a video game, Jackson and Daniel both feel like story is the one most often neglected. To them, this is a tragedy, as it is their favourite aspect. So they talk about some games that do it right, and some games that need to try a little harder. They also spend some time speculating about why it is designers and developers feel that plot is the most expendable element when it comes to game design.

The recommendations this week are:

Playing Shatterhand 

Watching Netflix’s Luke Cage

Player’s Epic

Hello again everyone!

This week Jackson and Daniel are discussing the Epic. These days, everything from Vines to TV Commercials have had the descriptor of “epic” attached to them, but at one point, the Epic was a specific type of story. This episode is going to delve into the origins of the Epic and talk about which stories being told today can properly be called Epic. Our hosts also weigh in on the genre conventions usually associated with the Epic and whether or not they make for compelling stories.

Also, there are recommendations:

This week you should read The Sun Dog by Stephen King

This week you should play Ghost Blitz

This week you should listen to the music of the Tragically Hip. Actually, you should start right now: 



Eldritch Guide


Welcome to another podcast featuring Jackson and Daniel. This one is about… nothing. We have vague recollections of discussing the ins-and-outs of the Cosmic Horror genre… but by now it’s all blackness and static.

The only things survive the haze of madness are these recommendations:

This week you should play Overwatch

This week you should read The Langoliers by Stephen King, which can be found in the collection Four Past Midnight. 

This week you should watch Erase


We may be a little late, but we’ve arrived in your browser with a grand romantic gesture that is sure to make the audience melt and earn your eternal affection. In other words, it’s a few days after our deadline, but here is a podcast about romantic comedies.

With the help of our good friend Shelby from the Slow Pitch Podcast, we tackle one of the most enduring movie genres of the modern age – and by “tackle” I mean we convince you to watch Legally Blonde for 90 minutes.

In addition to an hour-and-a-half of bend and snaps, there’s also some recommendations:

This week you should watch River on Netflix  

This week you should play Slash

This week you should read On Cat Mountain 

Player’s Guide: Tactics

Hi friends!

This week Jackson and Daniel take a look at a genre of games near and dear to both of their hearts – the tactical RPG. During their time playing video games, both of them have developed an appreciation for what is a relatively niche genre. On today’s episode, they do their best to sway you to their side and hopefully convince you to try something new.

Also, they recommend the good stuff:

This week you should watch Clone High

This week you should read Rick Mercer’s The Book 

This week you should play Kirby Super Star