Urban Legends: Respectful of All Hallows

Happy Halloween!

This year, for this most spooky of occasions, Daniel and Jackson are talking about Urban Legends. A discussion which branches off into the related fields of cryptids and conspiracy theories.

They also knock off some recommendations for you:

This week you should watch Mindhunter

This week you should play Doki Doki Literature Club

Horror Movies: “At least my bread”

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you guys, some travelling and working the gruelling ordeal of Le Burger Week got in the way. But, no fear! We are here to feed your gnawing hunger for more Player’s Guide.

This week Jackson has finally subdued, restrained, and…. I mean; has finally convinced Daniel to let him talk about horror movies. Your hosts get into some of their favourites, and what works for them when it comes to horror.

This may seem like an odd topic to be covering now, at the beginning of September, with the most spooky of months just around the corner, but worry not – your hosts have something excellent cooking for Halloween.

They also have some recommendations:

This week you should play Avalon/The Resistance 

This week you should watch Little Witch Academia Season 2 aka anime Harry Potter

Spooky Stories from Friends

Happy Halloween everyone!

This week, in keeping with tradition, Daniel and Jackson are bringing you some premium spook. Unlike past years, though, they have done something a little different. With the help of some of their previous guests, they are bringing you a collection of spooky tales.

These tales range from true-to-life experiences from the guests, to stories from friends, to creepypasta; so turn off the lights, grab some candy, and get ready to have your bones chilled.

Also, some business. The audio effects we used for this podcast were:



And the music was courtesy of:


Ghosts: So Everywhere

Happy Halloween everyone!

On this most spooky of holidays, Daniel and Jackson present to you a podcast about ghosts. Could you really have expected anything else?

Both of your hosts have a soft spot for the ethereal, so there is plenty of good discussion to be had, even if Jackson mis-remembers the details of The Conjuring, and they both forget to mention Ghostbusters – AT ALL! Seriously, what the hell, guys?

Something they didn’t forget, though – recommendations:

This week you should watch We Are What We Are

This week you should play Assault Android Cactus

This week you should read Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

The Hungry Dead: Canadian Politics

Happy continued month of spoop!

On this week’s podcast, Jackson and Daniel discuss three of the classic horror movie monsters. From their origins to their current portrayals in media, each of three has a lot of history and a lot of symbolic weight.

In addition to a discussion that actually manages to stay on topic, they also manage to get some solid recommendations in:

This week you should watch School Live

This week you should play The White Chamber

This week you should read Tenth of December by George Saunders

Horror Games: Judging Daniel

Good evening everyone!

To celebrate the second anniversary of Player’s Guide Jackson and Daniel have something special in store. Since there will be three podcasts posted in October, they have decided to devote the entire month to the horrifying.

The first Halloween podcast features Kevin in a discussion about the horror genre in video games. From Silent Hill to Five Nights at Freddie’s, horror and the associated tropes have been a part of gaming for years.

Of course, they also have some recommendations for you:

This week you should read Arkham Asylum – A Living Hell 

This week you should play Undertale

This week you should watch The Babadook 


If anyone is curious about the indie horror game that Jackson can’t remember the name of – it is The White Chamber.


Creepy Pasta: Calling Out the King

Boo! This week we are preparing for Halloween and in order to get you into the mood we’re talking about spooky stories! It turns out, in the internet age, creepypastas are one of the best ways to experience some excellent chills, so we end up talking about them a lot. I have attached a couple of our select favourites below to put you in the mood:


If this isn’t enough for you, we’ve actually managed to keep our recommendations on-theme:

You should read Call of Cthulhu 

You should watch American Horror Story 

You should play Off