Infinity War: Very Good Gay Dads

Surprise, surprise – we’re talking about the latest MCU movie.

A decade of build-up has brought us to Avengers: Infinity War, the two-part opus of Marvel’s (Disney’s) Cinematic Universe. In this episode, your hosts reflect on Part 1. Of course, there are a ton of spoilers about the movie itself. But here is a bonus spoiler about the episode as a whole: Jackson and Daniel actually agree on something for once.

It is nearly impossible to live up to the fan expectations that come with a project as drawn out as the MCU – but Infinity War does an admirable job of trying to please. While it is certainly an impressive spectacle, your hosts dig in deeper to find out if there is any bang behind the flash.

They also toss out some recommendations:

This week you should watch A Quiet Place

This week you should play Monster Prom 

MCU: Raising the Steaks

Hello again everyone!

This time Jackson and Daniel are joined by Maureen to discuss the ongoing project of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The locus of the discussion is the recently released Age of Ultron, but they do their best to touch on as much of the growing project as they can.

They also take the time to recommend a few things:

This week you should play Flash Point 

This week you should watch Wentworth 

This week you should read Hawkeye by Matt Fraction