Private Guide

It walked into my browser, its eyes dark and legs that went on forever. It sauntered over to my audio streaming software and asked: “Can I talk to you about film noir?”

This week Jackson, Daniel, and special guest Shelby are all about hardboiled detectives, dames, gams, and guns. With Shelby’s expert assistance, your hosts take a look at what makes film noir tick and how it has gone on to influence a whole host of genres in the modern age – from Chinatown to True Detective.

For recommendations we’ve got:

This week you should watch American Gods

This week you should listen to Edict FIS-0

This week you should play Magikarp Jump 


Happy Sunday everyone!

Jackson and Daniel are joined by Paul this week to discuss music in television and movies.    Spurred specifically by the use of music in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the guys delve into some of their favourite musical moments, as well as a few more lacklustre soundtracks.

Trying to be on-theme this week, all the recommendations are things to which you listen:

This week you should listen to Pacific Myth by Protest the Hero

And the Mega Man X soundtrack

And the Drive soundtrack 

And the Akira soundtrack

Nineties Guide

After a week of struggle, we have finally managed to get everything up and running! Now you finally get to hear Jackson and Daniel wax nostalgic about the decade in which they grew up: the nineties.

Given that millennials are the ones currently dictating the trends of pop culture, the nineties are a decade getting a lot of flashback love at the moment. Considering the pop culture of the time was formative for our two hosts, it would make sense that they would take the chance to delve into what nineties trends shaped their tastes and what passed them by.

As always, there are recommendations as well:

This week you should read Saga 

This week you should watch Jaws (yes, the original) 

This week you should play the new Ratchet and Clank


We may be a little late, but we’ve arrived in your browser with a grand romantic gesture that is sure to make the audience melt and earn your eternal affection. In other words, it’s a few days after our deadline, but here is a podcast about romantic comedies.

With the help of our good friend Shelby from the Slow Pitch Podcast, we tackle one of the most enduring movie genres of the modern age – and by “tackle” I mean we convince you to watch Legally Blonde for 90 minutes.

In addition to an hour-and-a-half of bend and snaps, there’s also some recommendations:

This week you should watch River on Netflix  

This week you should play Slash

This week you should read On Cat Mountain 


In case you have been getting comfortable under a rock recently, there was a new Mad Max movie released – and it was amazing. It was so amazing that it inspired Jackson and Daniel to do a podcast about the genre of post-apocalyptic fiction. Of course, they get kinda distracted by the movie of the hour, but that’s how it goes when something is so shiny and chrome.

Anyways, if you’ve been curious about the movie, this episode might help you figure out why it’s been stirring so much praise. It might also help you decide what to do with you time for the next little while:

This week you should play Betrayal at House on the Hill 

This week you should read Gethsemane Hall by David Annandale 

This week you should watch Steven Universe



A few weeks ago Daniel and Jackson went to go see the newest Godzilla release and (surprise, surprise) they developed strong opinions about it. With the resurgent popularity of kaiju movies (thanks largely to Pacific Rim) and the recent Godzilla release, your hosts thought that talking about giant monsters would be a good idea.

They also brought back Allan, because he has a lot to say about Godzilla and kaiju in general.

As for recommendations…

This week you should watch The Amazing Screw-On Head

This week you should play Guns of Icarus: Online

This week you should read Fight Club

Batcast Begins

So this has been a big week! Not only do we have our RSS feed up and running, but we have arrived on iTunes! Now we have the ability to be downloaded and listened to whenever you want and wherever you may be.

To celebrate this occasion, we present the first part in a 3-part series devoted to discussing the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. Each of these episodes will feature our lovely friend Chelsea, formerly of Kick FM fame.

Spoiler warning: We really like Michael Caine.