Theme Music: Anime Shame Corner

Hey everyone!

We are back again. This time Jackson and Daniel are rolling sans-guest. Your two perennial hosts are discussing music in media for the third time. In this episode they focus on the idea of the theme song – whether that song is used as an opening theme, a closing theme, or a character’s leitmotif.

In addition to exploring music as an extension of character, presenting uniformed opinions about Japanese animation, and reciting tone-deaf acapella show tunes – your hosts also present some excellent recommendations:

This week you should watch Westworld

This week you should revisit Square Soft’s amazing musical back catalogue 

This week you should listen to Metroid Metal’s Varia Suite

As for our own theme, it comes to us from:

Canadiana: Merlobsters

Hello everyone,

We are back with another episode. This week we take a look at some of the media that has been churned out of Canada’s entertainment industry over the years. We try our best to cover everything from TV to movies to music, but still only end up scratching the surface.

Returning guest Shelby joins us on our journey as we discuss our country’s obsession with the survival narrative, reminisce over vintage YTV, and expound on the virtues of Canadian hip-hop.

While Canada is definitely in focus this episode, you should also check out these recommends:

This week you should play The World Ends With You

This week you should read In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

This week you should listen to the podcast Happier by Gretchen Rueben 

Movie/TV Music: Sneaky Beards

Happy Sunday everyone!

Jackson and Daniel are joined by Paul this week to discuss music in television and movies.    Spurred specifically by the use of music in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the guys delve into some of their favourite musical moments, as well as a few more lacklustre soundtracks.

Trying to be on-theme this week, all the recommendations are things to which you listen:

This week you should listen to Pacific Myth by Protest the Hero

And the Mega Man X soundtrack

And the Drive soundtrack 

And the Akira soundtrack

Video Game Music: A Feeling of Desolation

Welcome back to us talking! This week, it’s about music in video games. We talk about some of our favourite video game soundtracks and why music is so important to video games as a media form. If you’ve got a solid track that you really enjoy and think the world should hear, feel free to post here or on Facebook.

This week’s recommendations are:

Something to Play: Shadow of the Colossus

Something to Watch: The Lego Movie

Something to Read: Harry Potter. All of them. Again, if you already have. 

Finally, we will leave you with something in the spirit of the ‘cast and the recommendations:

Tabletop RPGs 1: “Find me a Cadillac!”

This week on Player’s Guide, we dive into the world of tabletop gaming, specifically, tabletop RPGs. Having had extensive experience with the format, we have been both players and game masters and now want to share what we have learned.

This podcast is the first of two, and is filled with wisdom for those who are about to pick up dice and venture into the worlds of fantasy. The next ‘cast will be for those who are going to be shaping those worlds of adventure as game masters.

Our guest this week is the frequently name-dropped Donovan, who joins us through the magic of Skype. We hope you find his voice as arresting and beautiful we do.