Teambuilding: Die Hard Faves

Hey friendos, we’re back.

This week Jackson and Daniel live up to their name and bring you an episode designed to help you would-be gamers of the world. In the realm of competitive tabletop games and virtual RPGs, teambuilding/army construction/deckbuilding etc. is a fundamental aspect of the game and a big part of their appeal. The ability to play with a collection of characters that reflects your own personal preferences can really make a game feel like your own – even if you are one of thousands playing it.

We also bring some recommendations to you:

This week you should try playing Warhammer 40 000 

This week you should watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Video Game RPGs: Tampon-esque

We’ve talked about tabletop RPGs, now it’s time to talk about their video game counterparts. This week we look at video game RPGs, a genre which both our regular hosts – and their guest, Allan – hold near and dear to their tiny, black hearts. Enjoy, everyone!

This week we recommend:

Something to Play – Mech Warrior Online

Something to Read – Essex County 

Something to Watch – True Detective