The Post-Game: “Nothing pithy, nothing witty – just pity”

Hello again friends,

This week Jackson and Daniel are discussing post-game content and replay value in video games. Every game aficionado has favourites they return to again and again; your hosts try to put their finger on the magical quality that makes those games alluring even in a world flooded with new and exciting options.

One thing that can keep you coming back is a deep pool of content that occurs after the main story is complete. Your hosts take a look at some of the best post-games that they have encountered in their time playing video games.

Also, there are recommendations:

This week you should watch Atomic Blonde

This week you should go back and start up a game you haven’t played in a while, give it a run for old time’s sake


Magic: the Gathering 5: Rock Bottom

Hello friends!

This week we are presenting a podcast of a slightly different stripe – a more personal stripe. Both Jackson and Daniel have recently divested themselves of Magic: the Gathering. For those that have been following this podcast for a while, this might come as a surprise. Your hosts have devoted multiple episodes to the game, but recent developments, both personally and with the game, have made them decide it’s time to lay down their cards.

What has prompted this change? Well, listen and find out. Of course, this episode is about more than just Magic, it’s about the relationship between consumer and media, and knowing when something has stopped adding to your life and started to take away.

Yeah, it’s a little heavy, but we spent last week talking about Steven Universe, we felt it was time for a some gravitas.

Also, we have recommendations:

This week you should read Fandom Following (which you can find here)

This week you should watch Space Patrol Luluco

This week you should listen to Hadestown by Anais Mitchell

If you’re interested in a more articulate account of Jackson’s experience with Magic and leaving it behind, you can find it here on his blog.

House Rules: Wearing Pokemon Skin

Hey guys!

Have you ever found yourself enamoured with a game but bored at the same time? Have you gone back to something you remember fondly from childhood only to find it too simple as an adult?

Have you ever thought to yourself “I know exactly how to make this game better”?

Well, this week’s podcast is for you. This episode is about house rules, rom hacks, fan creations, and generally playing things wrong the right way.

We’ve also included some recommendations that will never steer you wrong:

This week you should watch Goodnight Mommy

This week you should read Sandman: Overture

This week you should play Tharsis

Magic: the Gathering 3: Boarding the Hype Train

Hey everyone! Jackson just got back from PAX in Seattle and he is loaded with hype about  Magic: the Gathering’s newest set – which is taking the game back to the much beloved plane of Zendikar. Daniel is equally full of hype because this is a return to the plane that made him fall in love with the game in the first place.

They spend this podcast talking about what they loved and didn’t love about the first block and what they hope the near future holds. They also (as always) throw in some recommendations:

This week you should watch Haunter

This week you should play Warframe

This week you should read Jackson’s articles about Magic, which can be found here:




Magic: the Gathering 2: Smashing Birds with Rocks

Once again, Jackson and Daniel are talking Magic. Joined by Zach, they dive into the recently announced upheaval in the way Magic sets are designed, released, and rotated. In light of these changes, they also discuss the most recent set and its setting – Khans of Tarkir!

And, as always, they recommend some things for your brain’s consumption:

You should play Chess

You should watch Person of Interest 

You should read one of your favourite books from childhood to a kid in your life that can enjoy it the same way you did – Yeah, Jackson kinda copped out