American Godcast

Hey guys,

This week Jackson and Daniel release both their least and most timely podcast yet. Most timely in that we are posting it right after the season finale of American Gods, least timely in that we recorded it before either of us was able to see said season finale.

Regardless of the timing, this episode is focused on the television adaptation of a book that both of your hosts have found influential on the way they think about religion and spirituality in fiction. Written by Neil Gaiman and adapted by Brian Fuller, both artists that have handled this property have distinct styles, meaning that there is plenty to talk about when it comes to the way the novel and show have been handled.

There are, of course, also recommendations:

This week you should read Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

This week you should watch Recreators


Hey fans of Player’s Guide,

In honour of Marvel releasing the first full Justice League trailer, Jackson and Daniel are discussing Iron Fist, the final entry into the Defenders line-up – which you can check out on Netflix. Having both totally watched the series, your hosts have a multitude of opinions and musings on this – Marvel’s most epic superhero tour de force.

Brace yourselves, spoilers and unabashed fandom glee ahead.

This week:

You should read Mostly Void, Partially Stars and The Great, Glowing Coils of the Universe by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor 

You should play Night in the Woods


A belated ‘hello’ to you all,

We are late this week because Jackson has been working a ludicrous number of hours and has not been able to post this week’s episode. Our apologies.

But, don’t worry, everything is okay and we’re here now. This week’s episode is focused on Netflix’s latest smash-hit, Stranger Things. Daniel and Jackson dig into the show’s high and low points, while trying to identify why it seems to resonate so strongly with its audience.

They also (well, mostly Jackson) get a lot of the character names wrong. Oops.

And, of course, there are recommendations:

This week you should read The Obelisk Gate by NK Jemisin 

This week you should play Mysterium 

This week you should watch Kubo and the Two-Strings

OH! And spoilers, lots of spoilers in this episode.

MCU2cast (Jessica Jones remix)

Hey guys!

In light of the critically acclaimed new Netflix series, Jessica Jones, Jackson and Daniel revisit the MCU and comic book heroes in general. If you are curious about what to expect from Jessica Jones, or want to have your opinions vindicated/ridiculed after marathoning the whole thing – this is the podcast for you.

Fair warning: spoilers abound.

Of course, there are also some recommendations:

This week you should watch Into the Badlands

This week you should play Cross Country Canada

This week you should read the webcomic Dumbing of Age, by David Willis


Player’s Guide: After Dark

Hi Everyone!

This week, Jackson and Daniel are joined again by Michael, who is not building a computer this time. This time the topic is adult cartoons… No, not the kind you’re thinking, the kind like Rick and Morty, Clone High, and Bojack Horseman.

Animation in the West – even after years of developing – still has a stigma of children’s entertainment attached to it. What this means is that when creators rebel against this stigma, they can create some of the most potently subversive media.

Our hosts and their guest dig into some of the most successful animated shows aimed at adults and discuss what makes them work.

Of course, they also recommend some stuff:

This week you should play Zombie Dice

This week you should watch Madoka Magica 

This week you should read Chew by John Layman

The Legend of Korracast

This week, Jackson and Daniel dive back into a world of spirits, Avatars, and hammy villains with allegorical motivations. In a follow-up to their discussion of Avatar: the Last Airbender, they tackle the Legend of Korra, the sequel series. They also argue over what makes a good villain and they eventually get around to recommending some stuff.

Specifically this stuff:

This week you should watch Snowpiercer

This week you should read The World of Ice and Fire

This week you should play Recettear on Steam


How I Met Your Player’s Guide

In light of the recent series finale of How I Met Your Mother, we have decided to spend this week talking about sitcoms. This is a podcast filled with 90’s nostalgia, commentary on race in North American television, and Daniel’s strong opinions. All in all, a good time.

As for recommendations:

You should play Arkham Horror

You should watch In The Flesh 

You should read V for Vendetta

Or so Jackson says, but you can’t really trust that guy

PS: While all of our podcasts tend to contain spoilers, if you’re watching through How I Met You Mother, it is worth noting again that this ‘cast is exceptionally spoiler-laden.