Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Crime Rider

Hello everyone!

We’re back with another episode. For those of you who do not follow us on the various social medias outside of WordPress, this is the first episode released alongside a BIG format change.

We have partnered with another group of content creators called Digital Fiasco. As the owners of a phenomenal streaming facility, DF have graciously allowed us access to their resources. We are now going LIVE every second Wednesday on their Twitch channel:

Our first live episode happened this past Wednesday, during which we discussed the third-best show on TV: Brooklyn Nine-Nine – a heart-warming cop show close to the hearts of both your hosts.

What we are posting now is the audio transcript of that episode. Since it is the transplantation of a live stream, it will be a little different than usual. We will be referencing a Twitch chat that you cannot see, but there is still enough discussion to keep you intrigued.

And of course, recommendations:

This week you should watch Coco

This week you should watch Hereditary 

Streaming: High-Quality All the Time

Happy Monday to you all!

Player’s Guide is back again to brighten the week ahead. On this episode, Jackson and Daniel are discussing streaming. The ability to get your media – whether it be movies, television, or music – whenever you want it has fundamentally changed the way that we consume.

There few things that have impacted both creators and fans as heavily as access to streaming services and streaming websites have. Your hosts take a look at how they have experienced some of those changes and what a future dictated by Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch might look like.

Also, some recommendations:

This week you should watch Thirteen Reasons Why 

This week you should watch Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Retrospective: Casturbation

Hey everyone!

This is a very special episode of Player’s Guide. We are celebrating our third anniversary. Three years of cranking out content made us feel like we had earned the right to talk about ourselves for an episode.

This is a retrospective, a peek at what’s coming next, and a long-form introduction.

A long-form introduction because, as of this Tuesday, we are going to be launching on a new platform. The folks at have reached out to us and we have formed a new partnership. From now on, you can find the Player’s Guide on their website, and their website linked on our front page.

While you’re cruising over there to slake your curiosity, you should also check out some of their great articles.

Our new state of symbiosis is not the only big news. You may have noticed that we have a brand new link to a TwitchTV channel on our front page. While we’re still working out the finer details, we are hoping that from here on out, we can incorporate some streaming content into our routine.

Whew, that’s the longest episode write-up I have ever had to do. But I think I would be remiss if I ended there. We would like to say thank you to the listeners and the guests that have made the past three years a blast. Your encouragement and enthusiasm has meant a lot; here’s to three more.

Oh, and here’s the episode:

EDIT: I should also mention, this episode contains detailed spoilers for the ending of The Walking Dead season 6.