Final Fantasy X: More Belts Than Ever Before

Hey everyone,

Jackson and Daniel are back with another nostalgia-focused video game review. On this episode they took a look back at Final Fantasy 10. As one of the most influential games in a legendary franchise, there is a lot to discuss with a game that is now almost 17 years old.

Whether you are curious about a game you haven’t played, or excited to take a walk back to the sun-soaked summer of 2001, this is the episode for you.

As always, your hosts provide some distractions to get you through the next two weeks before the next episode:

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Video Game Story Structure: Our Usual Bag

Welcome back to Player’s Guide faithful listeners!

This week Jackson and Daniel slide their new story-focused direction in to the hilt. They tackle the concept of story structure in games – what works and what doesn’t when telling a story through an interactive visual medium.

Many, many people make the misstep of trying to directly translate what works in movies and TV into games. Frequently, this leads to games that feel flat. Your hosts talk about what sets games apart and how their unique properties can be used to pull an audience even deeper into a fictional world.

And as always, some cool shit you should check out:

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… We’re really into card games right now 

PR Gaffes: Noah Ward

Hello everyone!

Jackson and Daniel are back! This time they are taking a look at some of the PR gaffes that have plagued the video game and movie industry over the past few years. Characterized by the now-tired suffix “gate”, these disasters can be amusing, sad, or both.  Why do they happen? And why do some companies have so much trouble understanding their own mistakes? Well, that’s what yours hosts are trying to figure out.

They also make time for recommendations:

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Final Fantasy Tactics: Girthy

So after poking at tactical RPGs last time, Jackson and Daniel decided that they did one of their favourite games an injustice by skirting over it so blithely. This week, they take their time to really romance Final Fantasy Tactics.

An oft-overlooked chapter in a seminal franchise, Tactics is a game of startling depth. It had an impact on both of our hosts during their formative gaming years and so it was deemed worthy of a full episode.

Alongside these wonderful recommendations:

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